Volunteers who join AMS are committed to:

  • Joining a like-minded people committed to serve and help Arabic speakers in Spain, and beyond, in all possible ways.
  • Learning the Arab culture, and if possible Arabic language to better respond to the needs of the community.
  • Using their gifting and vocational skills to bless the Arab communities they live in.
  • Reflect the attitudes, actions, and words of Jesus Christ in all their offered services
  • Helping Arab persons, families, and communities, that through the knowledge of Jesus Christ, their life would be transformed, fulfilled, and achieve its deepest meaning and call.


Explaining the meaning of the love of Jesus to each person, and how this love meets the deepest human spiritual needs, is our ultimate goal. AMS tries to develop different types of the gospel expression to relate to different people groups in Diaspora. Using Arts, public event, concerts, mixed with hospitality, and relational approach allowed many to experience and understand how a real encounter with God transforms the life. 



AMS is committed to define and respond to the Practical, Psychological and Social needs of the Arab migrant community. Through different channels and programs AMS meets these needs in a sensitive cultural context.

 As the Arabic speaking migrant community contains a wide verity of ethnicities, religions, social backgrounds, and age groups, AMS seeks to offer its services according to the needs expressed in some of groups. Thus the service is offered with awareness to the particularity of each homogenised group.



Being in our field of expertise for a long time allows us to Coming alongside the like-minded churches and ministries and share our passion and ideas for interacting with migrants. This takes several forms for workshops and seminars. Also, AMS developed a three month course for individuals who are interested in same kind of ministry, or joining us for an internship

Material production

Material production supplies the AMS ministries with possibilities to reach beyond their actual program and immediate circle in the community. The ministry designed as a resource to help other ministries and programs to extends their impact

The chief goal is to increase the awareness of certain sectors of the Arab migrant community about the options that the gospel offers to respond to their particular needs.